Eligible motorcycles

The competition is open exclusively air and oil-cooled motorcycles
with 4-stroke naturally aspirated engines up to max. Presentation in 1983 entitled.

Participants are counted in 2 classes.

 Class A) 4 and 6-cylinder engines
Class B) 2 and 3-cylinder engines

2. Regulations
2.1 Rules for all classes

- A team besteht- based on the rating - from 1 vehicle and 2 - 3
Drivers. Replacement drivers are the CEC Orga up to 1 hour before
To designate the race starts. The CEC Orga reserves the right to substitute driver
Two bike teams, ie, 2 vehicles, each with 1 or more drivers,
are not admitted.
- Setting / motorcycle until Year 1983, special frames are allowed
- The built-in motor must match the advertised Year
- The engine capacity is optional
- The minimum engine capacity is 600cc
- The proof mandatory for participation privilege rests with the team
- 18 inch tread tires are required
- Composite material wheels are not allowed
- No full-floating brake discs
- Max. 320 mm disc diameter, composite material
not allowed
- Max. 2 brake pistons per disc
- Radial brake pumps are not allowed
- Forks with max. 43mm fork diameter
- Upside Down forks are not allowed
- Switching machines are not allowed
- Starting numbers: Class A: white figures on a black ground
- Start numbers .class B: black figures on white ground
- Are prescribed 3 start numbers, each having a front and a
rear on each side
- Minimum size of the starting number digits: height 100 mm, width 40 mm.

3. General
3.1 Competition

- The rating is done individually, in the 2 advertised classes
- Winner of each class is, (provided it is lodged no protest or
possible technical follow-intolerable irregularities
furnishes) who after the end of the advertised travel time most
Rounds is driven, the first in its class crosses the finish line, and from
Clerk of the black and white checkered flag is waved aside.
- The CEC Orga and the Promoter reserves the right, after the
Race perform a technical follow-up, the result of
May have an impact on the rating.

3.2 pit stops

- The number of pit stops is optional

3.3 driver change

- There are at least 4 compulsory driver change.
- Each team agrees with the submission of the entry at least 4
Make driver changes and all driver changes with the form to
log that is sent with the entry confirmation. The
Logs are collected and checked by the finish. Not
correctly filled protocols lead to disqualification.

3.4 Refueling

- Refuel the motorcycles is allowed only with the engine
- Quick Pressurized tanks are not allowed.
- There are only allowed self-closing refueling systems.
Minimum requirement: System Tuff Jug with quick release.
- All persons who are involved in the refueling, must fireproof clothing
- During the refueling, a team member must in fireproof clothing
and a fire extinguisher in the immediate vicinity are the motorcycle.

4 races

- Participation requires the possession of a valid DMSB C - Stock
- The race time is normally 4 hours. Deviations in
individual events possible, and if necessary at the CEC Orga
Release date announced.
- Admission to the races is only by participating in the qualifying sessions.
- The driver must start min. 30 minutes before the start of the race
Race Control will be announced.
- Qualification Rule: Max 115% from the Ø 3 fastest qualifying time in.
each rating class.
-. The starting lineup corr Qual result, the start will take place through the life
Mans start with flag signal.
- Early start will be punished with a time penalty of 3 minutes
- Vehicles without a starter (Starter shift) start for safety reasons
from the end of the starting field. Formation corr. Qualifying result.
- A protest must be at least 30 minutes after the checkered flag, but before.
the awards ceremony will be filed.

5 Technology

- Closed oil pan under the engine is mandatory
- The pan should be able to take up 2/3 of the oil capacity of the engine. The
Pan must have up to 2 drain holes. These opening (s) must
(must) be sealed at dry weather conditions and may only be opened
be when the race director has declared the race for "wet race".
- "Bikini oil sumps" between engine oil pan and exhaust system are
not allowed.
- Oil filler plug, the oil drain plug and the mounting bolt
Oil filter housing must be secured with wire.
- Bolted oil filter cartridges are to be secured with a hose clamp and wire.
- The fixing bolts of calipers and possibly adapter plates
Calipers must be secured with wire.
- Other safety provisions as well as the
Volume requirements of the organizer must be followed.
- Emergency vehicles will be the appearance of historical
Based racing motorcycles from the respective determination period
- Streetfighter, Ratbike-, or custom bike conversions are not eligible.
- Race numbers 1, 2 and 3 are generally not awarded

6 Lighting

Lighting is not required, the race and training carried out at daylight.

7 General

The CEC Orga reserves the right to allow, in individual cases vehicles to participate which
not fully meet the criteria mentioned under 1.
These vehicles generally start off the scoring.

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